django-brython is a reusable application to ease the development for a Django based backend application with Python/Brython frontend.

This solution use the Django's standard tools (reusable applications and static files), so the client side Brython code can developed, used, and distributed same way as the serve side ones.

Documentation: link


django-restify: Yet another django restful API.


Create Excel XLSX files from HTML tables.



kirUI is a framework for building user interfaces. The main goal was to create a framework, which based on Python language. So the UI logic can be defined in Python, which is executed by Brython runtime in the browser. This solution opens the opportunity to share codes, business logic between the Python based backend and the frontend.

The building blocks of the frontend is defined with W3C standard webcomponents. This ensures to encapsulate the behaviour (Python) and the view (HTML + CSS) into one entity.

The framework use standard HTML to describe the frontend (no JSX is used), so the classic request + (HTML) response cycle, with the server side rendering (Django / Jinja2 / Flask) works seamlessly.

Documentation: link


Test repository for minimal PWA application


Sámon: XML based template engine for python